Wine 102 Series - J. Lohr Merlot Appreciation

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm

7:00pm October 13th, 1000 Lenzen Avenue, San Jose
$35 public price ($30 for wine club members)

Lawrence Lohr, Director of Wine Education, presents a guided discussion about the limiting factors of an appellation’s soil and climate for superior varietal character. Includes a tasting of Merlot from several appellations.

This is the second varietal appreciation course in the Wine 102 Series which will be preceded by Chardonnay Appreciation and followed by Cabernet Sauvignon Appreciation.  Buy all three Wine 102 Varietal Appreciation courses for $100.  (A $20 savings) Buy all four Wine 102 events for the discounted price of $125.00 (a $25 savings!) 

For tickets, call Lisa at (408) 918-2176.  Email for more information. Space Limited.