Strawberry Crepes with J. Lohr Grenache Rosé

This is a sweet-tart recipe for crepes, which is not your usual sweet brunch dish. It’s fairly simple to prepare and the slice of strawberry in the glass of J. Lohr Gesture Grenache Rosé balances the meal. 
Serves 6
For the crepes:
3 eggs, 
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
3 Tbsp butter
1/4 cup flour
1/2/ tsp salt
Blend ingredients together until smooth.
For the filling:
8 oz. softened cream cheese
1/2 tsp vanilla (or almond extract) 
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
Mix together thoroughly.
For the sauce:
1 cup fresh sliced strawberries
2 Tbsp sugar
1/2 cup strawberry jam
6 tsp J. Lohr Grenache Rosé
Simmer strawberries and wine for 1 minute, add the sugar and strawberry jam, mix until smooth in warm saucepan. (Do not over simmer.)
Cook the crepe until lightly browned on both sides. Spread cream cheese mixture onto crepe, drizzle with sauce, fold crepe with seam on underside, top with sliced fresh strawberries, a dollop or two of cream cheese mixture, drizzle with strawberry sauce. Garnish with three fresh strawberries. Enjoy with a slice of strawberry in a glass of J. Lohr Grenache Rosé. Bon Appetite and Cheers!

J. Lohr Gesture Grenache Rosé - Marinated Strawberries and Mission Figs with Bacon and Mascarpone Puff Pastry Trifle

Original Recipe by Ed and Toni Hernandez

Serves 9

1 Package Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry
1/2 cup of J. Lohr Gesture Grenache Rosé for Strawberries
1/3 cup of J. Lohr Gesture Grenache Rosé for Mission Figs
16 Mission Figs/7 oz., cut off small stem and dice
32 oz. strawberries, quartered
2 - 8oz. containers of Mascarpone - bring to room temperature
12 slices of Bacon, cut into small pieces
2 tablespoons Agave sweetener
3 tablespoons Honey
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1/3 cup Balsamic Vinegar
Egg Wash
Thaw out puff pastry for 40 minutes and lay out flat on light floured board.  Cut each sheet long ways making 3 long strips each.  From the strips, cut into thirds, ending up with 18 squares total.  Lay parchment paper on a cookie sheet and lay out squares. Apply light egg wash on each square and cook at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until lightly golden brown.  Remove from oven upon cooking and let cool. Marinate strawberries with 1/2 cup of Grenache Rosé for 20 minutes, and the diced figs with the 1/3 cup of Grenache Rosé for 20 minutes as well.  Drain extra liquid from strawberries and figs.  With the strawberries, combine with the agave and balsamic vinegar.  Roast in oven on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, keep in pan to keep warm.  Slightly cook the bacon and then add the diced figs, cook until bacon is crisp and figs are caramelized.  Whisk the mascarpone with the honey and vanilla until blended well and fluffy.  To assemble/plate, spread a layer of the mascarpone mixture on a puff pastry square, layer with roasted strawberry mixture, and then the bacon and fig mixture.  Add another square with the same ingredients.  Each serving is 2 squares with mixture. Plate with drizzling extra sauce from the roasted strawberries.

Pair with J. Lohr Gesture Grenache Rosé and enjoy!

J. Lohr Tower Road Petite Sirah Meringue

Italian Meringue
4 large egg whites
Pinch of salt
¼ cup plus 1T. granulated sugar
¼ cup confectioner’s sugar plus 1T.
1t. vinegar
1T. cornstarch
Heat the oven to 400 degrees.  Sift sugars together- set aside.
Whip egg whites until soft peaks form.  Gradually add the sugars to the egg whites while the mixer is running and whip until stiff peaks form.  Add the vinegar and cornstarch 
gently with a spatula.  Mound the meringue onto parchment paper on a cookie sheet and form into a cake size circle.   Using a spoon, make a well in the middle of the meringue.
Turn the oven down to 250 degrees and bake 1 hour.  Turn oven off and leave in the oven for one hour more to dry.
Tower Road Petite Sirah Cream
½ c. Petite Sirah
2 T. honey
1T. vanilla paste  
1 c. heavy cream
2 T. crème fraiche
Cook the wine and honey over medium heat until it forms a syrup.
Should be about half of the original liquid.   Whip the creams until stiff peaks form.  Mix cooled syrup into the cream.
Tower Road Petite Sirah Blackberry Sauce
4 c. blackberries
2T. apricot preserves
½ c. Petite Sirah
Put 3 ½ c. blackberries into a sauce pan with the wine and the preserves.  Reserve the remaining ½ cup of blackberries for garnish.  Cook over medium heat until the blackberries have softened and the liquid has thickened.  Cool and put into a food processor -process until smooth.  Press the sauce through a fine sieve to remove the seeds.
To Assemble
Place the cooled meringue on a decorative platter.  Put mounds of the cream onto the meringue with a big mound into the indentation.  Put the sauce and the blackberries onto the cream and the meringue.  Enjoy with a glass of J. Lohr Tower Road Petite Sirah!

Pickled Blueberries

Recipe courtesy of Frances Wilson

½ Cup Sugar
½ Cup Unseasoned Rice Vinegar
¼ Tsp Kosher Salt
¼ Tsp Pepper
¼ Tsp Coriander Seeds
1 Star Anise
2 Quarter-Size Slices Fresh Ginger
½ Cinnamon Stick
3 Cups Blueberries
2 Tbs Chopped Shallot

Combine all ingredients except berries and shallot in a medium saucepan. Bring to simmering over medium heat, then reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes. Stir in berries and cook until all of them darken, about 2 minutes. Stir in shallot and let stand at room temperature about 1 hour.

Toasted Almond Gelato

Recipe courtesy of Frances Wilson

1 Cup Sliced Blanched Almonds
1 Cup Heavy Cream
1½ Cups Whole Milk
¼ Cup Plus 1 Tbs Granulated Sugar
1 Tbs Flavorful Honey, Such As Clover Or Millifiori
Pinch Of Kosher Salt
2 Tsp Amaretto
¼ Tsp Pure Almond Extract

Preheat the oven to 375°F. Spread the almonds in a single layer on a clean baking sheet and toast for 12-14 minutes, or until golden brown and aromatic. Remove the almonds from the oven and place them in a medium saucepan. Add the heavy cream, milk, sugar, and honey and place over medium heat, stirring occasionally. When the mixture comes to a boil, remove the saucepan from the heat and set aside to infuse the liquid with the flavor of the almonds. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, then strain through a chinois or finemeshed sieve and discard the almonds. Stir in the salt, amaretto, and almond extract. Chill the gelato thoroughly in a covered container, at least 3-4 hours. Freeze it in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Poached Peaches with Rosemary

Recipe courtesy of Frances Wilson

4 Large Ripe Peaches (About 2 Pounds)
¼ Tsp Chopped Young Rosemary
1½ Cups Prosecco
¼ Cup Sugar (Or To Taste)

Using the tip of a paring knife, score an X in the bottom of each peach. Cook in a large pot of boiling water just until skins begin to peel back where cut, about 1 minute. Using a slotted spoon, transfer to a large bowl of ice water and let cool. Carefully peel peaches, reserving skins. Cut in wedges. Bring rosemary, Prosecco, sugar, reserved peach skins, and 1½ cups water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Reduce heat and simmer until mixture has thickened slightly and looks syrupy, 10-12 minutes. Strain into a clean pan. Add peaches, cover saucepan, reduce heat, and gently poach fruit until the tip of a paring knife easily slides through flesh, 3 -4 minutes. (Very ripe fruit will take less time to cook.) Using a slotted spoon, transfer peaches to a plate and let cool.

Meanwhile, return poaching liquid to a boil and cook until reduced by half, 15-20 minutes. Let cool.


Recipe courtesy of Frances Wilson

3 Egg Whites
6 Oz Sugar
½ Tsp Vanilla
¼ Tsp Vinegar
1 Tsp Cornstarch

Beat egg whites until stiff. Then gradually beat in the sugar. Beat in the vanilla, vinegar and cornstarch. Pipe in circles on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake in a 300°F oven for 45 minutes. Allow to cool.

Macerated Berries

Recipe courtesy of Malcolm Jessop

2 Pints Seasonal Berries
¼ Cup Sugar
½ Cup J. Lohr Falcon’s Perch Pinot Noir

Place berries in a large bowl with the sugar and stir gently. Add the wine, stir and allow to sit at room temperature for 30-40 minutes. Place bowl in refrigerator (to stop berries from breaking down too much) until ready to serve.

Gateaux De Beaumes De Venise Aux Raisins

Recipe courtesy of Malcolm Jessop

Olive Oil
1½ Cups All Purpose Flour
1 Tsp Baking Powder
1 Tsp Salt
¼ Tsp Baking Soda
¾ Cup Plus 2 Tablespoons Sugar
8 Tbs (1 Stick) Unsalted Butter, Room Temperature
3 Tbs Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
2 Large Eggs
1 Tsp Grated Lemon Zest
1 Tsp Grated Orange Zest
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Cup Beaumes-De-Venise or Other Muscat Wine
1½ Cups Red Seedless Grapes
Preheat oven to 400°F.
Brush 10-inch-diameter spring form pan with olive oil. Line bottom of pan with parchment; brush parchment with olive oil. Sift flour and next 3 ingredients into bowl. Whisk ¾ cup sugar, 6 tablespoons butter and 3 tablespoons oil in large bowl until smooth. Whisk in eggs, both peels and vanilla. Add flour mixture alternately with wine in 3 additions each, whisking just until smooth after each addition. Transfer batter to prepared pan; smooth top. Sprinkle grapes over batter. Bake cake until top is set, about 20 minutes. Dot top of cake with 2 tablespoons butter and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons sugar. Bake until golden and tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 20 minutes longer. Cool in pan on rack 20 minutes. Release pan sides. Serve slightly warm or at room temperature.

Butter Scotch Crème Brûlee

Recipe from Chef Monique Pizano of Justin’s Appetite for Expression

5 servings
Bake Time: 30-40 min
Total time: 2 ½ hours


  • 6 egg yolks
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup butterscotch chips
  • 1/4 cup turbonado sugar (or 2 tablespoons white sugar + 2 tablespoons brown sugar combined)
  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F
  2. Beat egg yolks, ¼ cup sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl until thick and creamy. Set aside.
  3. Pour cream into a saucepan and stir over low heat until it almost comes to boil. Remove the cream from heat immediately. Stir in ¼ cup of butter scotch chips until combined.
  4. Stir in butter scotch mixture into the egg yolk mixture; beat until combined.
  5. Pour into the top of a double boiler. Stir over simmering water until mixture lightly coats the back of a spoon; approximately 3 minutes. Remove mixture from heat immediately and pour into a shallow heat-proof dish.
  6. Place dishes in pan with a ¼ inch water bath.
  7. Bake in preheated oven for 30-40 minutes or until just the top surface is set. Remove from oven and cool to room temperature. Refrigerate for 1 hour, or overnight.
  8. Preheat oven to broil. (unless using a torch; recommended for best results)
  9. Sprinkle turbonado sugar evenly (or the combined 2 tablespoons white sugar and brown sugar) over the custard. Place dish under broiler until sugar is caramelized (golden brown), about 2 minutes. Watch carefully, can burn quickly. (if using torch evenly until sugar is caramelized) Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Serve this Butterscotch Crème Brûlee with the J. Lohr Gesture GSM, a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre.



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