2010 J. Lohr Cuvée PAU

The inspiration for this blend comes from the Grand Cru wines of the Pauillac district of Bordeaux composed primarily from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot accents. Winemaking is given the freedom to emulate these great wines without the restrictions of varietal percentages, instead keenly focusing on the texture and complexity of the blend that nature delivers with each vintage.

2010 was the coolest vintage Paso Robles has seen since 1998. Following heavy winter rainfall that broke a three year drought, we saw our summertime growing degree days lagging and had concerns that Cabernet may not completely ripen. The low-yielding block selected for Cuvée PAU was one of the earlier blocks harvested for the season and was “in the barn” well before frost and moisture hit the region near the end of October. The layering of this 2010 Cuvée PAU blend was based on building aromas with Merlot and Malbec around the Cabernet Sauvignon base. The Petit Verdot provided structure and aging potential as well as an interesting blue fruit character.


Origin: Paso Robles AVA, San Luis Obispo County, CA
Composition: Cabernet Sauvignon 55%, Merlot 25%, Malbec 10%, Petit Verdot 10%
Harvest Dates: October 22nd, 2010 for the Cabernet Sauvignon
Harvest process: Hand-harvested to half-ton bins, destemmed and berry sorted using Vaucher Beguet Mistral system
Harvest Chemistries: 25.3° Brix average, total acidity 0.45g/100ml, pH 3.68
Vinification: Yeast: ICV D254 began fermentation after a 2-day lag period
  Fermentation: Fermented in 25-ton closed- top tank
  Temperature:  A peak fermentation temperature of 92°F was achieved
  Maceration: Pressed at maximum color density on October 30th
  Malolactic: 100% malolactic fermentation with Viniflora Oenos
  Maturation: 20 months in oak barrels
  Barrel Type: Bordeaux Export, 60% new
  Forests: Center of France
  Coopers: Saury and Dargaud et Jaegle (water bent)
  Bottle Aging: Bottled June 2012
Bottling Numbers: pH: 3.55
Total Acidity: 0.65 g/100ml
  Alcohol: 14.15% by volume
  Res. Sugar: 0 g/L, dry
  Cases Produced: 400 six-pack cases

The 2010 J. Lohr Cuvée PAU blends red and blue fruit aromas with a hazelnut-like barrel bouquet that evolves toward ink and iodine in the glass. The bright palate is dense with fruit, offering notes of violet, browned butter and black tea. Red fruit in the finish speaks to the Merlot and Malbec in this Bordeaux-style blend. Open and decant an hour before serving.
-Steve Peck, Red Winemaker

Grilled rosemary lamb chops with garlic mashed potato and roasted beets.

Cabernet Sauvignon blend with notes of violet, browned butter and black tea.

Price: $50.00 750ml
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